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About us


I’m Phyllis and I am passionate about baking. I have been since I was very young and both my Grandmothers taught me to bake.

My Grandmother Harriet was an excellent baker and taught me many of my baking skills, including bread making, pastry dishes, cakes, homemade wine and many more homemade recipes.

I spent a lot of my childhood with Grandma Harriet and I had a great affection for her and admired her enormously, as she had to strive and work hard all her life.

She married twice and still did not make 25 years of marriage between her two husbands. She virtually brought up four children on her own and was a true entrepreneur; she had various businesses to make ends meet. She would sell wet fish from her bicycle basket and in the summer would ride her bicycle with ice cream in the basket to all the local villagers. At one time she ran the village Fish and Chip Shop and eventually the village general grocery store, until she fell ill in her old age.

My Grandmother Eileen taught me other baking skills with produce from the garden and left overs that made delicious dishes. I mastered her scone recipe and these are the scones produced in my bakery today.

I made my first fruit celebration cake which was royal iced and marzipan for my Grandad’s birthday when I was 10 years old. When I think back it wasn’t very good, but he loved it and I was proud I made it all myself. After this I went on to learn lots about all fields of home cooking and regularly prepared and cooked 3 and 4 course family meals. Every week I baked the families favourite cakes, as my mum was not a very good cook! However, my dad was an excellent cook and chef and he ran his own restaurant during his years; I learnt a lot from him too.

I named my business after my grandma as I have such admiration for her courage and entrepreneurial skills and her success.

I am eternally grateful that I had such good mentors that have helped me with my passion for baking.

I pass on my skills to my children and grandchildren and enjoy seeing their faces when they have made cakes and bakes to take home for mum and dad.

Here at Harriet’s I pride myself on providing quality products using quality ingredients. I prepare, cook and bake the majority of the foods we sell in the Sandwich shop and outside catering services. All cakes and fillings are also made by me in the bakery.

The majority of my recipes are handed down from my Grandmother with the exception of those from my Dad and of course my very own recipes that I have developed over the years.

I have baked prepared and cooked healthy foods since I was able to climb on a chair to help my Grandmother make and bake her favourite dishes.

I have always had a passion to cook and bake healthy foods and I quickly developed clean and healthy cooking methods and expanded my nutritional knowledge to provide the family and clients with my healthy dishes and bakes.

I now have an extensive range of dietary bakes for food intolerant clients, to include Gluten Free, Egg and nut free and Vegan.

I have made numerous wedding and celebration cakes using Gluten free, nut and egg free recipes and the guest were non the wiser.

Without giving my age away, I have a lifetimes worth of experience in my profession as a baker, cook and cake designer.

I also have commercial qualifications and I am qualified as an accountant and ran an engineering company for many years, whilst providing my culinary skills to regular and new clients over the years.